RY4 Double Tobacco

RY4 Double Tobacco

PG/VG - RY4 Double Tobacco

The same delicious blend as our RY4, but with a stronger focus on the tobacco flavour, and a little less sweet!

50% PG / 50% VG

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Premium Crystal Clear E-Liquid

100% US-Made

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: ogredog - ecf
    This is double tobacco, so yes there is flavor loss (or change I should say) compared to the regular ry4. The caramel vanilla taste is there but has now become more background, obviously.

    A very nice smooth vape it is better for the tobacco lover, like me. I like sweet tobaccos to have a smokier flavor with a sweet tangy finish. That's what I get here. That makes me wanting more, and able to vape it all day. It is still fairly sweet for a tobacco.

    Now, the tobacco is still subtle and not bold. It doesn't scream -TOBACCO!!!!!! It is just more present in the flavor. It is not more flavorful than the regular ry4, just different.

    So in conclusion, if you like traditional ry4 and would like it a little smokier and sweeter, this is for you.

    I like it, I like a l-o-t....Lloyd (from Dumb and Dumber)
  • Author: B. Herbst "Really-big-ry4-roundup-review"
    RY4 Double Tobacco has the same quality of sweetness as the regular RY4, but---with twice the tobacco flavoring---the impact of sweetness is diminished in effect. Sweet is relegated to singing back-up harmonies (with its sisters Good Caramel and Nice Vanilla) as Tobacco grabs the lead mike to belt out the melody. This kicked-up RY4 has more tobacco presence, depth, bite, and throat hit. Oh, itís still an RY4, and very clearly so---since the caramel and vanilla make their presence felt in the well-blended juice---but tobacco is the star. As far as I can tell, nuts stayed in the dressing room on this one. At least I couldn't find it onstage. Maybe it's still in the studio overdubbing.

    I presume the tobacco flavoring to be synthetic, but I donít know that for sure. If it is a synthetic, itís a good one, with no off-flavors or weird undertones.

    RY4 Double Tobacco successfully straddles the twin markets of Classic versus Custom RY4 vapers. Many of those who like Classic RY4s will also like this one, while some of those who prefer Custom RY4 formulations may find this juice surprisingly satisfying. And, of course, lovers of straight tobacco and RY4 should definitely give this juice a go. You might find that, even if CrystalELiquidís new edition canít possibly be the best of both worlds, it holds its own in each realm quite nicely.

    Grade: A-
  • Author: Don Faretta
    Very smooth all day vapor . I've tried many different types of RY4 but this is by far the best
    I have bought a lot of this and it's very consistent
    Quality control is the best I've seen A++++
    Thank you Crystal !!!!
  • Author: christopher stevens
    nice tobacco with a suttle sweet ry4 taste nice throat hit. really good juice def on my fav list
  • Author: Rowan Walters
    My all-time favorite RY4!! After a long search through many vendors and varieties of "RY4", I finally found this light at the end of the tunnel.
    Smooth and subtle, a perfectly balanced RY4 blend with a distinct tobacco note that enhances without dominating. Overall, a sophisticated and extremely satisfying five star vape - guaranteed to please those seeking the ultimate RY4.
  • Author: Chuck Nicholls
    This has become a favorite. However, if you are looking for a tobacco taste you will be disappointed. It is tobacco based, I guess, but it has a strong taste that I can only describe as Jack Daniels. I donít really like JD, but I like this juice - so this might be great for fans of the Tennessee Mash. Just donít expect an analogue tobacco taste.
    (12 mg Nic - 75/25 mix)