• Flavors blend and mix over time, and after a week or two your liquid will become a fuller and richer flavoring.
  • Although most Crystal Flavors are great tasting right out of the bottle when you receive it, steeping will improve the taste, especially with Tobacco flavors.



  • Extra flavoring can alter the intended taste of the Liquid, and if there is too much flavor, the Liquid may make it taste medicinal, or metallic tasting.  
  • Always experiment with smaller bottles when trying to add flavoring.
  • PG/VG-line has an optional FlavorShot for $1.00
  • DragonCloud VG High-line has extra flavoring added already


  • For best steeping results, store your Crystal E Liquid in a dry, cool, and safe area, and shake, shake, shake the bottle daily!  
  • The higher the VG content, the more steeping/shaking will be neccesary for optimum results.  
  • If you wish to enhance the steeping process, you can also try putting your bottle into an air-tight bag, and warm it under hot water for 10 minutes, before shaking the bottle. 


  • Please note that certain strong flavoring, especially citrus, may cause the plastic to crack or melt.  
  • If your Cartomizer/Tank becomes cracked or cloudy, discontinue use immediately.  
  • We highly recommend the use of Glass/Pyrex Clearomizers/Tanks for these Flavors.
  • Flavors that have been reported as problems:  
    • Acidic Flavors; like Orange, Pineapple, Lemon, Banana, Cola, and Rootbeer.
    • Cinnamon flavors; Hot Cinnamon Buns, Cinnamon Spice.
    • Strong Mint flavors; Menthol Ice, Cool Mint, Peppermint Passion.
    • Strong Sour flavors; Green Apple



  • Always disconnect your e-cigz Battery from the Clearomizer/Tank when not in use
  • Keep up a good habit of daily wiping down all components of your e-cigz from excess juice, dust and dirt.
  • Clean your Batteries, Clearomizers, and Mouthpieces everytime you refill.
  • Never activate your e-cigz Battery for too long an extended period of time. Keep the unit from over-heating and it will perfrom better, and last longer.
  • Never continue vaping on a dry Clearomizer/Tank