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Organics Herbals

Crystal Organics Herbals premium Organic e-liquid

Crystal E Liquid is thrilled to offer the first all organic line of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes! Our new Crystal Organics is made of a proprietary blend of organic herbs in pure kosher glycerin derived from palm trees. Our flavors are wild crafted naturally organic. We specifically pick fresh fruits full of antioxidants for our flavors. Our organic flavors and herbs are harvested at the peak of freshness, and then hand-cleaned and individually extracted. Our extraction process insures the freshest , fullest taste possible. Crystal Organics does not contain any propylene glycol, alcohol or any artificial ingredients. Our product is proudly manufactured in the United States of America following the CGMP as set forth by the FDA.

Crystal Herbals - a new e-liquid line with proprietary blends of naturopathic herbal additives

Available in the new Herbals line are: Herbals Nic replacement, Herbals EnergyHerbals Relaxation,Herbals Diet, and Herbals Male Enhancement.

Herbals Nic

Crystal E Liquid is excited to introduce a revolutionary new all-herbals organic formula that is an alternative to nicotine! The recipe for the Crystal Herbals Nic formula was created by an expert in the fields of herbal and naturopathic medicine. The combination of herbs we have formulated has been used for hundreds of years for lung health. The all-organic herbs were chosen carefully for their calming effect, lung health support, and ability to mimic nicotine to help those who are choosing to quit smoking. Together, these herbs work synergistically to create an enjoyable, healthful e-cig experience without the use of any nicotine.

Herbals Energy Now Here!

Herbals Relaxation Now Here!

Herbals Diet Now Here!

Herbals Male Enhancement Now Here!


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Herbals Energy E-Liquid Herbals Relaxation E-Liquid Organics Captivating Caramel
Herbals Energy E-Liquid
Herbals Relaxation E-Liquid
Organics Captivating Caramel
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